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The inventory is a “flat” view of the elements in your garden.

In the inventory, you can perform all actions available on the map except creating patches and elements (they need to be placed geographically).

Inventory view ✓ v0.6.1image made with current version Inventory view

Standalone resources

  1. 1 Edit the name and layer.
  2. 2 Definitively delete the standalone resource.
  3. 3 Display actions history
  4. 4 Edit the resource type


  1. 5 Add a resource to the patch.
  2. 6 Edit the patch’s name and layer.
  3. 7 Add an action on the patch.
  4. 8 Display action history for the patch.
  5. 9 Definitively delete this patch.

Elements in a patch

  1. 10 Display actions history for this element.
  2. 11 Edit the resource type.
  3. 12 Definitively delete this element from the patch.


  1. 13 Validate a planned setup.
  2. 14 Validate a planned retirement.
  3. 15 Retired element.

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