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The map

Once the map is open, you will mainly use these interface elements to manage the garden:

Map interface ✓ v0.6.1image made with current version Map interface
  • 1 Review mode: select elements placed on the map, display their properties and perform actions.
  • 2 Addition mode: Add resources on patches in the garden.
  • 3 Drawing mode: Draw shapes.
  • 4 Map.
  • 5 Layers.
  • 6 Edit map data (name, scale, center).
  • 7 Display/edit map notes.
  • 8 Add actions related to the map.
  • 9 Display the list of actions for the map.
  • 10 Link to the public version if the map is public. This is the link you have to share.


Resources are everything that can be added to the map: map and animals. Once placed on a map, we refer to them as elements.

Standalone elements represent a resource, as one tree. They are represented on the map by a dot.

Patches are geometrical areas in wich many resources can be added.

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