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Layers are a good way of organizing the elements on the map: when creating patches or geometric shapes, you can choose the layer on which it will be created.

Layer management ⚠ v0.0.19image made with another version Layer management

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Layers management ✓ v0.6.1image made with current version Layers management

Create a layer

To create a layer:

  1. click on the “New layer” button 1
  2. Fill the form with a name. You can specify if the layer is visible or not by default.
  3. Validate the form

The new layer will be selected an appears on top of the list, unless you made it invisible by default.

Rename a layer

To rename a layer:

  1. Click on the button with a pencil icon 4
  2. Change the name/visibility option
  3. Validate the form

Note: changing the visibility option won’t change its current visibility state.

Toggle layer

To toggle a layer, click on the eye icon 3. The layer is now hidden.

Note: You still can add things on a hidden layer, but won’t see them until you toggle it again.

Reorder layers

To reorder layers, click on the arrows icon 2. While clicked, drag the layer to its new position and release it.

Delete layers

To delete a layer, click on the trash bin icon 5 and validate the prompt.

All remaining drawn shapes will be destroyed.

**Note: ** You won’t be able to delete a layer if it contains patches. You will have to delete them one by one or move them to another layer first (in Edition mode).

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