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Features list, updated following requests.

As an user,
In order to manage my garden,
I want to...
  • use a scanned/photographed map
    • use an OpenStreetMaps map (added for fun)
  • add plants on a map representing my garden
  • draw areas (patches) containing the same plant
  • draw areas (patches) containing many different plants
  • place animals or areas with many species
  • plan future actions on patches or crops
  • have a todo list with incoming actions
  • have an history of actions performed on crops
  • attach pictures to a crop when I want (2021/02/09)
  • be able to draw shapes (paths, fencing, …) (2021/03/10)
  • attach pictures and notes to the map (0.6.1)
  • attach pictures and notes on a patch (0.6.1)
  • know if a crop needs something
  • have a library with available plants and animals, with
    • a picture of the element
    • a description
    • a genus
    • a way to know the different growing states (with descriptive pictures, ideally)
    • a way to know when it’s best to do something
      • plant
      • harvest
      • other (trim, …)
  • know the interactions between elements
  • plan fallow times
  • have a mobile version for some of the features:
    • todo list
    • library
    • inventory
    • application tools
    • map

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