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Draw shapes

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Drawing arbitrary shapes is important to complete the map: paths, enclosures, Dessiner des formes vous permettra de compléter la carte: additional paths, fences, buried pipes,…

Modes ✓ v0.6.1image made with current version Modes
  • 1 Lines
  • 2, 3 Geometric shapes

When using one of the drawing tools, the customization menu opens so you can choose the background color, path color and thickness. A custom name can be precised too.

Drawing tool configuration ✓ v0.6.1image made with current version Drawing tool configuration
  • 1 shape style presets.
  • 2 line style.
  • 3 configuration preview.

Once the tool is ready, draw the shape on the map. You will be able to re-edit it later in the Review and Edit modes.

Note : Drawn shapes have no impact on the garden elements and will only be visible on the map.

Drawing shapes ⚠ v0.4.0image made with another version Drawing shapes

Note: To end a line (or multiple line) edition, double-click when you end the last segment.

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