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An audit was performed on version 0.13.3 by David Dérus, available as a PDF (MD5: 1f6388f976454e37119d6bee268d249a).

This page lists every improvement section and their status.

Progress : 23/46 23/46
Section Links
2.2.1 - Developer documentation is available as a README Issue - MR
2.2.3 - There is no documentation explaining the meaning and relationships between data models Issue - MR
2.2.4 - There is no instance deployment tutorial or one-click install - Scalingo Issue - MR
2.2.4 - There is no instance deployment tutorial or one-click install - Docker Issue - MR
2.2.5 - There is a user documentation website, without any actual user documentation Issue
2.2.6 - The README is too long and contains instructions for both developers and people wanting to deploy the project Issue - MR
2.2.7 - The API documentation is auto-generated, but not published online Issue - MR
2.2.8 - Online documentation is not up to date with the latest build  
2.3.4 - Garden Party Ruby version is not maintained anymore Issue - MR
2.3.5 - The application Node version is obsolete Issue - MR
2.3.6 - The users search endpoint is accessible without authentication Issue - MR
2.3.7 - The application data sources could be GPG signed Issue
2.4.3 - Using bitfields is adding complexity between the code and database layer Issue
2.4.4 - Content migration classes should be extracted from database migrations for easier testing Issue
2.4.5 - Using an abstract model class to handle GeometryRecord is not the “Rails way” Issue
2.5.9 - Routing specs are duplicates of requests specs and testing Rails inner working Issue - MR
2.5.10 - Some domain logic code is duplicated Issue
2.5.11 - Avoid nesting tests to three levels or deeper Issue
2.5.12 - Front-end and back-end code are tightly coupled Issue
2.5.13 - The full Ruby and JavaScript test suites are taking some time to run Issue
2.5.14 - Front-end API requests are using the XMLHttpRequest method Issue - MR
2.5.15 - The JavaScript application is mixing rise-ui and storybook Issue - MR
2.5.16 - Policies tests can be DRYed Issue
2.5.17 - The database_cleaner gem may not be required Issue - MR
2.5.18 - The HAML rendering gem should be replaced by hamlit for better performances Issue - MR
2.5.19 - Extract domain logic from controllers, models and validators Issue
2.5.20 - The application is requiring the whole Ruby on Rails stack, even if it is not using parts of it. Issue
2.5.21 - Rails admin views could be componentised to avoid code repetition and improve maintainability Issue - MR
2.5.22 - The VueX store is accessed directly from the front-end components Issue
2.5.23 - The GardenMap state is updated through an event bus Issue
2.5.24 - Picture analysis could be delayed through ActiveJob Issue
2.6.3 - The application contrast ratio must be increased Issue - MR
2.6.4 - Irreversible action alerts are not helpful Issue - MR
2.6.5 - There is no way to go back to top on the observations timeline Issue
2.6.6 - The onboarding process is lacking some visible and understandable instructions Issue
2.6.7 - Avoid covering the whole website with a loader Issue - MR
2.6.8 - Use CSS cursors to help understand available actions Issue - MR
2.6.9 - Context menu navigation is using two icons to say the same thing Issue
2.6.10 - In guest mode, the “observations” tab is duplicated, while referring to a different feature Issue
2.6.11 - Deleting a path hides all its resources Issue - MR
2.6.12 - Some buttons are hiding the tab bar Issue
2.6.13 - The map layout should show plants information on hover Issue - MR
2.6.14 - Map scale can be 200 km and can’t be limited Issue
2.6.15 - Avoid showing the lightbox arrows if there is no previous or next Issue - MR
2.6.16 - The map zoom capacities should be improved Issue - MR
2.6.17 - Hide withdrawn items from the main inventory Issue